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About Adaptive Construction Solutions

ACS can place you into a job that leads to a career

Have you found that "great" job?

Veterans and transitioning service members possess valuable soft skills but often find it challenging to land a great job. Many are told they need industry specific experience and or credentials before they would be considered for a position.

Can you afford to learn before you earn?

For multiple reasons college is not a realistic option for many veterans. As a service member transitions from the Armed Forces they want to get to work or can’t afford to support a family while attending college.

Did you know you can earn while you learn?

With a Registered Apprenticeship as a training model, veterans are first placed in a job and earn competitive wages while learning on the job. Additionally veterans are eligible to receive a monthly housing allowance from their GI Bill benefits. The combination of apprentice wages and this allowance provides veterans journey level compensation.


Your Road to a Career Starts Here


Start working in the occupation and earn a paycheck immediately.


Apply for placement with an employer and an apprenticeship opportunity.


Receive classroom instruction at no cost and earn wages during on-the-job training.


Earn nationally recognized industry based certifications.

Apprenticeships We Offer You


Structural Ironworker

Structural Ironworkers are proud, fearless men and women who have erected our nation’s tallest structures and longest bridges.


Reinforcing Ironworker

Reinforcing Ironworkers, “Rodbusters”, create complicated support structures for roads, bridges and buildings that reinforce the concrete structures we see and use daily.



Electricians harness the electricity used to light and power almost everything necessary to sustain life as we know it. The electrician’s work must be precise and exact to ensure the safety of everyone.



Riggers calculate loads, determine the center of gravity for irregular objects, tie knots and help ensure equipment is safely used on jobsites.



Pipefitters are masterminds at seamlessly connecting the nation to our fuel, water, irrigation and drainage needs. Pipefitters must be physically fit, extremely precise and proficient in their work.


Future Occupations

Additional occupations in construction are opening up throughout the nation.