Comfort Experts is dedicated to employing the best of the best, and their teams are trusted throughout Texas to maintain the comfort of their homes throughout the year. We even offer affordable specials so that you can avoid costly repairs in the future by keeping your heating and AC systems in good working order.

The extreme temperatures that Texas homeowners face every summer and winter necessitate having a high functioning air conditioning and heating unit. We can handle everything from repair to installation to maintenance.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide excellent service our customers can rely on us. In an effort to fulfill this goal, our technicians must have an eye for detail, desire to accomplish the task correctly the first time and the technical skills to understand, diagnose and fix problems. Our best employees will take the necessary time to accurately diagnose units and then fix the issue in an efficient and timely manner. We strive for customer satisfaction during any Fort Worth AC repair job. We take away your worry by doing the job right the first time in a respectful, safe manner.

We have found that members of the military community are incredible front-facing representatives for our company and take pride in hiring these outstanding team members, regardless of the level of technical education. Our Registered Apprenticeship will ensure you have that specific training—your military service ensure you have the foundational skills that others don’t.


Maintain Air Quality

Many north Texas homes have issues with air quality. We don't want customers’ heating and air conditioning system to circulate any harmful gases or pollutants. We do in-depth screening so that you know the quality of the air in your home. If we find any issues with the air quality inside our customer’s homes, we will take the steps to improve the air quality.


Optimize Energy Efficiency

At the very least, we strive to help get the most out of the heating and air conditioning system our customer’s currently have in place. As a team member, you will assess how efficiently homes utilize energy so that you can reduce waste, maintain a comfortable temperature in customer’s homes, and help them save on their bills.